Official Ballot Special Election - Alfalfa County, Oregon

11/8/2018    99-D

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Instructions to Voter

To vote, select the box next to your choice. For write-in candidates, select the box next to write-in and then type the person's first and last name in the text box.

Once you've marked your choices, print out the Summary page and place it in the Secrecy envelope. Insert it into the signed return envelope.


Remember to check your ballot for mistakes! If you have any questions, please call your County Elections Office - (555) 555-5555.


Any person who, by use of force or other means, unduly influences an elector to vote in any particular manner or to refrain from voting is subject to a fine. (Oregon Revised Statutes 254.470)

Oregon Football Country: PAC 12 Champions (Vote for One)
This race has two candidates.
Favorite Treats: Ice Cream (Vote for One)
This race has 0 candidates.
Favorite Foods: Pizza Toppings (Vote for Two)
This race has 0 candidates.
College Football: Measure 99-01 - To Move the Start Times of all Duck and Beaver Football Games to 6:00 PM.
Question: Should Duck and Beaver home games start earlier so Portland fans can get to bed earlier on game nights?
Summary: Currently, college games starting times are scheduled to fit TV schedules, usually at 8:00 PM, which cause fans from the Portland area to get home very late. This measure would move the game start times to 6:00 PM allowing fans to safely get home at a decent hour.